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Is Your Body Crying Out To Be Loose, Flexible, and Pain-Free!?....Here is the Least Expensive, and Fastest Way to Have Those Legs Loose and Pain Free Fast


You Get FREE access to our How-To Videos on our Website on How to Best use the Muscle Roller (Information on packaging)
Great for Warming Up and Cooling Down to Prevent Injury After Exercise
Releases Trigger Points and Knots in Your Calves and Thighs
Increases Mobility and Flexibility and Really Helps With Muscle Tightness in Your Legs
Highly Effective for Working Lactic Acid Out of Your Legs After Strenuous Exercise
Perfect Tool For Any Home Therapy Routine
Great For Relief of Shin and Hamstring Soreness
Eliminates Lingering Soreness and Helps to Increase Blood Circulation
Helps to Stretch Out Healing Muscles After Surgery or Injury
A Must Have After LEG Day at the Gym For Post Workout Soreness

The Elite Muscle Roller:

Is Made of High Quality Material
Easy to Use With Comfortable Rubber Handles
Smooth Rotation and Even Pressure From Rollers
Important for Athletes or Non Athletes alike

Elite Sportz Equipment is a name you can trust

All Elite Sportz Equipment Products are all backed by their 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied!! You are also backed by Elite Sportz LIFETIME WARRANTY. If your Muscle Roller EVER breaks we will replace it for FREE!!!.. No problems at all. So there is no risk to your purchase at all


  • FOAM ROLLER or Muscle ROLLING STICK, that is the question...This Long Time Favorite (more 5 star reviews than any other) Will Give You Fast Muscle Relief from Sore and Tight Calves, Quads, Hamstrings and Cramps, by Promoting Immediate Circulation to the Legs.
  • THE STICK for MUSCLES IS A STIFF STICK - ITS MADE TO LAST and SO EASY TO USE... the size makes our muscle roller the perfect massage tool for legs! Comfortable handles help you keep a firm grip. FREE access to How-To Videos on our website (link on product packaging) on how to best use the Muscle Roller....
  • THE TRAVEL STICK ASSISTS WITH RECOVERY Use the myofacial release tool after exercise to diminish soreness and aid in the recovery process that is needed to develop new muscle cells...
  • THE LAST MASSAGE STICK YOU'LL EVER BUY Our massage tool for legs and back is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty! If anything ever goes wrong with the massage stick roller, we'll replace it with a new one--no questions asked...
  • DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR FOR FREE & SAVE MONEY Spend over $49 on the self massage stick and other Elite Sportz products and get free shipping! Buy 2 or more of our products and enter code ELITESPO at checkout to get 15% off!


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