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The Milliard Coccyx Support Foam Seat Cushion helps take the pressure of the body's weight off the tailbone with a 2x3" cutaway section. The cushion also contours to your curves to support your body and will have you feel like your sitting on a cloud. The cushion is designed to be used with the cutout section placed in the wedge of your seat though you can try it backwards; some find it comfortable that way too.

Who can benefit from using the Coccyx Pillow? The coccyx pillow can help relieve a myriad of tailbone issues including fractured, dislocated, chipped, cracked or sprained tailbones and even just for tailbone aches and discomfort. Use the pillow to help prevent the pain common on a long road trip or flight. The cushion is also helpful for numerous other medical issues including lumbar spinal stenosis, pelvic or hip pain, herniated or slipped discs and pressure ulcers. This wonder-pillow helps relieve the constant nagging pain. Just slip the cushion onto your chair to feel the difference a supported spine can make.

Use it in the office, in your car, at home in your favorite chair... just about anywhere you can fit a cushion in your life.

Its soft, breathable, cover is removable and machine washable.

Best of all, since the cushion is made of flexible foam, it will not flatten over time and rebounds to its original shape moments after use. What's more you can squish it to fit into bags or luggage, and then just pull it out and watch it expand back into shape again. The foam also makes our pillow extremely lightweight and portable

The Coccyx Support Foam Seat Cushion has been produced by Milliard with your health and comfort in mind for years of satisfaction. Don't forget to check out our other great products!


  • Reduces strain and pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, pelvis and lower back bones while sitting with a 2x3" cutaway.
  • Specially shaped foam seat wedge fits between you and your seat and then contours itself to your backside for tailored support.
  • Use in the office, at home, in your car, on planes, buses, and anywhere else you sit. Waterproof and washable cover ideal for incontinence sufferers.
  • Promotes proper weight distribution, posture and spine alignment. Tapered towards the front to help relieve pressure from the thighs.
  • Assists in correcting bad desk posture and overall comfort when sitting. Measures 17x13x2in.


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