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Acupuncture & Accupressure


An Acupuncturist can help relieve lower back pain
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical treatment that involves inserting very fine needles into the body’s energy pathways to treat pain in various parts of the body.

Acupuncture can help lower back pain because the needles are placed into the energy pathways of the lower back, elbows, and even hands, depending on how the acupuncturist uses acupuncture to treat the pain. The acupuncture needles are placed into acupoints that lie below the skin in order to remove the energy blockage that results in pain. The pain is caused by a blockage of the energy pathways, but acupuncture opens these pathways once again to restore homeostasis in the patient. Many studies have been done involving acupuncture and its effect on lower back pain. All of the acupuncture studies show acupuncture to be the best way to reduce and handle lower back pain.

So, if you suffer from lower back pain consider making an appointment with an acupuncturist to experience acupuncture for the first time. You will likely be very pleased with the results of acupuncture and the reduction in pain and continue with your acupuncture treatment. You can find acupuncturists or individuals who practice acupuncture in your area online or in the yellow pages.

Acupressure and back pain—how it can help you

Another option that has proven beneficial to many back pain sufferers is acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese art and treatment that focuses on placing pressure on certain meridians in the body to allow the free flow of qi.

Individuals with back pain benefit from acupressure because there are meridians in the body that correspond to the lower back and when acupressure is used to stimulate these areas then lower back pain is reduced significantly. If you experience lower back pain and are interested in acupressure then a practitioner would work on the meridians of the bladder and gallbladder. These meridians will help reduce back pain.

You could try accupressure at home
Behind your knees are located the B54 acupressure points. Once directed by an Accupressurist to this point, simply press these pressure points in order to reduce your back pain. The easiest way to perform this type of acupressure is to lie down with your legs in the air and your knees slightly bent. Then, locate the crease of the knee with your fingers and place the fingertips in the middle of the crease. Maintain a steady pressure on the acupressure points while rocking your legs forward and backward, slowly, and breathing deeply for one minute. Then, when the minute is over gently place your feet back on the floor with knees bent and breathe regularly. When you are completely relaxed after your acupressure session simply get up and continue your day. You should complete this acupressure three times a day for optimal back pain relief.

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